Justin Timberlake: What Goes Around…Comes Around

Well, this song is about karma, and how what goes around comes around. Well, this week I’ve been reading a book which many are familiar with called “The Count of Monte Cristo” because well since this book kind of talks about revenge, which in a nicer sense is what goes around comes around, I thought it related to each other quite a bit. So anyways, the most important lyric I would like to focus on is the What goes around comes around part because if any of you have read the Count of Monte Cristo, we all know that Dantes, the main character wants to take revenge on people. Or well, that is the gist of the story. So, in a sense, I think this song is perfect for this book except what the song is about is a bit different.


Let Her Go by Passenger

This blog post will be related to a book I’ve been reading called “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Now, I don’t want to ruin why this song seems sad to me and how it correlates until you’ve read the book. But, i’ll tell you a little background on this book. There is the main character named Dantes and he is to be married to his fiancé, some trouble happens and he arrested while he is innocent, he then seeks revenge on those who did this to him. Well anyways, Dantes is kind of forced to Let Her Go, which is kind of sad because he isn’t released out of prison for a long time and his fiancé gets re-married. And that is all for this blog post guys, hope you have a great day!



Well anyways, hello guys once again. Everyone, and i mean everyone knows comedy. Even toddlers. Everyone laughs starting at an early age, and I have a song, that many, and i mean many people do not like. But i find the music video hilarious because of this certain Youtube video that I came across that I will post below.

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