The Roots Are Deep.

Hey guys! It’s been a while. But i wanted to talk about some stuff about myself and about what the blog posts are going to be about. The roots of my blog were supposed to be built off of music which takes a huge role in my life and inspiration.

                  Now a little bit about myself. When i first was introduced to playing my own music was when i was 6 years old. I first learned how to play the piano and I quickly learnt many of the books that are used to teach the students. I skipped many levels and finally started to play difficult classical pieces by composers such as Bach and Chopin. But I started to lose inspiration to play the piano and I gave up a few years after that. A  couple years later, I picked up the guitar and started playing and that is when my obsession with music started to come back. Currently I can play the piano, guitar, and the violin, but I couldn’t do it without inspiration. I kept losing inspiration to play these instruments but different pieces of music kept on inspiring me to keep playing. I’m pretty sure that something like this has happened to many people. And many people regret giving up the instruments they learned, including me because i couldn’t move forward in my skill level of the piano because of my loss of inspiration to play. But as the years went on, and I grew more mature, I learned how each piece seemed to say something that composer or in today’s term, artist had been trying to tell the world. Enough about me! As you are reading this, tell me a bit about your own musical story by posting a comment. Everyone has a musical story becaue everyone has heard a piece of music and said, that is really cool i wish i could play that or something in the lines of that. So now let me tell you a little bit about my opinion on how music and inspiration coincide.

Music is huge in my life. Because to me, without one, the other can not and will not exist. Because if you no inspiration to play music, why would there be any music at all in the world and vice versa. Now I want to talk to you a little bit on my point of view about Music expresses different types of emotions and many people including me, listen to different songs that tie in course with their mood. But what do people do to get inspired. Some people listen to music, like myself, while others do things such as go outside into nature or even something as random as laying in bed to get inspired. Well, the whole point of this is that. I really love music! And I hope you all do too. It helps me concentrate on things or allows me just to think. Thanks for reading this post!



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