More movies? Hoho.

Hall Of Fame

I was kidding. Maybe. So, I watched another movie. Guess what it was! It was another inspirational movie. It was “Hoosiers”. I keep watching these movies for some apparent reason and I absolutely love this song. It’s called “Hall of Fame”.

“Yeah, you could be the greatest”

“You could be the best”


“You can be a master”

“Don’t wait for luck”

“Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself”

So this movie was about an ex-college basketball coach who was suspended from coaching in the NCAA. One of his old friends invited him to coach at his highschool and so the coach decided to go to the school in the middle of nowhere in Mid-Western United States. And so he coaches a team that has 6 players. And if you know how to play basketball. A team usually consists of more than 10 players. 5 players on and the rest on the bench. And of course so on and so forth. They do great things; I don’t want to spoil the movie. And this relates to this song because this team went down in history and so I wanted to share this movie and song with you guys. Have a great day!



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