Say Something by a Great Big World

 Say Something

Hey guys! This is a song I have come to like a lot because it has a melody that makes me think and just calms me. It is quite a depressing song. I’m not lying actually about it being depressing. There is one lyric that is said a lot throughout this song and it’s

Sorry for not posting in a long time guys! I just haven’t had any inspiration whatsoever. I can’t think of anything to write about that will maybe interest you guys. But hopefully this post will spark something.

Say something, I’m giving up on you

This lyric is repeated at least 15 times throughout this song and it literally is depressing. It is also probably the most important lyric in the song. I mean if you think about it. If a guy or a girl had a crush on the person they liked. And they said this, the air around them kind of feels gray. I really enjoy this song and is probably in my top five songs as of right now. I hope you guys enjoy me writing about this song, as I haven’t necessarily wrote in a long period of time but make no mistake! I will keep writing. Similar to this song, I really felt like giving up on everything these past two months. I really just wanted to give up, but listening to music helped me get my stride back into place and start back into this blog. When i first listened to this song, i just really thought about this blog. I literally almost gave up and I wanted to re-start with a quick stride that won’t falter. Welcome back, to the new and improved Musicisinsp. Thank you for taking your time in reading this



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