Bad Ideas for Innovation



Hey guys! It’s Joshua, once again. It’s off-topic to what I usually write about, but I thought it would be interesting to tell you guys. This time, it’s what I thought of for innovation. This is merely for entertainment purposes, but who knows, maybe it can be real.

So, getting to my point. What I’m going to be talking about here are literally “Bad Ideas” hence the name. An example would be if there was no law in the world, then there would be no structure in society and everything would fall apart. Well, I came up with an idea with a couple of friends, because for some reason, when school starts. Most students buy a package of pencils that are suppose to last them for the whole year. By the first half of the year, they lose all their pencils. Then all of the sudden, they find a pencil one the floor, out of just pure luck, and they never lose that one pencil for the rest of the year. I always wondered how that happens, but anyways, back to the main “idea”. So, some of the ideas we thought of were like graphite or lead attached to our fingers. But, that’d be a pretty bad idea because it would break easily since graphite and lead are brittle. And I thought, what if everyone had glasses similar to spy glasses in movies and we could use it to type notes by thinking. Except, that it would probably cost multi-trillions of dollars to fund and the technology is beyond us as of this point. To get to my main point, there are tons of bad ideas in the world that can be branched off of to innovate the world. If many people took time from their normal lives, too innovate, how many inventions/creations could be out there in the world. Sadly, not everyone has the tools to innovate with. But even with simple things, innovation can come from many different sources. I wonder what innovation ideas some people can come up with. Exactly like my last post, if you could just post something that you think is similar to a bad idea. Literally it could be anything, from everyone not having to wear clothes, to what if there was no gravity. That’s what bad idea factory was created for. It can bring out ideas out of anyone. Literally! Because it doesn’t even have to be a realistic idea. It could be out of this world, and it would still be an idea. Just to clarify things, the video below is an innovation project that I found really interesting. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a nice day!



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